Concrete Shoes

Well, after my “Squirrel Article,”  ran in the MDJ ALL of my tomatoes were eaten off my plants! Ok, so I got a total of three ripe tomatoes the entire year from two plants. To add insult to injury, one squirrel was wearing a shirt that said Squirrel Commander on it.  That joker was standing on the head of the concrete UGA bulldog I have in my front yard. Yes, I know we lost to Clemson. Lewis Grizzard and Larry Munson, RIP!! I bet they liked squirrel dumplings. LOL. I guess I better be careful what I say or I will have the squirrel mafia driving past my house in a big, black Cadillac.

Ok, well in defense of my furry nemeses, it was a cool and rainy summer for tomatoes to do well. I don’t even remember having a summer….weird. Glad I did not put a pool in, I might have gotten frost bit! I wish some of that coolness would blow over the wild fires in California, and well, Miley Cyrus too. That was terrible!! I am getting the firewood ready because I think it is going to be a cold winter. I have 6,000 pounds of ice melt ready at Winnwood. I love the snow, and in the words of Phil Robertson, “it makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!!”

Have a blessed week,