It would not be my column without me saying  “Go DAWGS”.  I know it is a team effort but dang that Jarvis Jones is like Superman.  Does anyone know of a good place in town to get some tasty gator tail?  A team had to win and a team had to lose.  I will gladly display my Georgia flag on my Tahoe the rest of the week.

So, in conclusion, William Winn went missing from his train one late foggy night.  Catherine, his wife, riddled in disbelief, continued to the train tracks on the Marietta Square every night.  She was assured her missing husband was going be there to meet her.  Sadly, William was never found.  Catherine was convinced, till her death, that he would be at the tracks to meet her once again.

Legend has it that two times a year, a silhouette of what appears to be Catherine, has been spotted carrying her signature lantern and basket through the woods to the Marietta Square.  It is believed to be on the anniversary of the night William went missing and of Catherine’s death.  Problem is, no one knows what exactly those dates are!  Be on the lookout tonight; you just may see Catherine with her lantern.