Comfortably Normal: Part One

The trains we see chugging through the Marietta Square do two obvious things that give many Winnwood and Marietta residents a small town feeling. One, they are consistently always showing off their grand stature by the frequency of how often they travel through downtown. Two, the very distinctively loud and beautiful whistle; blown by the conductor at every traffic intersection. Now, I know this can be a touchy situation with the fine people in Marietta because of how ear piercing the whistle can be. Especially if you are antique shopping at Dupree’s. So the train whistle is a conundrum.

Ironically, it is fairly common for new residents at Winnwood to mention the train whistle and it reminds them of their childhood. Also, it is common for anyone that has moved into Winnwood to get use to the whistle within 2 weeks (I don’t even hear it anymore). I can even tell you that residents have gone on vacation; come back home to Winnwood and said they missed hearing the train whistles. So this leads me to believe that good consistency is comforting, like drinking a hot cup of coco in front of a roaring fire snuggled in a blanket. So what point am I making? Always cherish things you love to see, smell and hear, because they keep us normally happy in a fast paced society. Don’t ever let your inner whistle stop blowing. Part two next week.

Have a great week and God Bless.