Changing Taste Buds

As I have grown older my taste buds have developed. For instance, I can now tolerate broccoli. It is my belief our taste buds evolve as we get older. However, I did not know animals’ taste buds changed. Marietta, we have a serious problem on our hands!!! Call Thunder! Call a preacher!! It seems our furry little friends Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel’s taste buds are changing too.

I exited the front door of my house last Tuesday morning about 8:45 a.m. and noticed a squirrel on my neighbor Gordon’s wooden fence. He was enjoying eating something and it did not look like a nut! That little joker was holding a green tomato. Say what? He was enjoying it so much I might as well have given him a napkin and salt shaker! Hey! One thing I did learn in school was how to connect the dots. So after further private investigation (PI) work, I have determined this phenomenon is happening all over Marietta and it is the green ones they like too! (I like fried green tomatoes!) Ok, I have figured out the answer. Global warming! (jk)  Well, whatever the reason let’s hope Mr. Squirrels taste buds change back to acorns soon because the one thing I know about us Mariettains is that we love our garden-fresh tomatoes. I wonder if they like broccoli???

Have a blessed week.