Best Drink Ever

I had a bit of what I like to coin as “Winnwood Nostalgia” flow over me this past Saturday. You will probably be able to see the direction of this article soon.  Subsequently, that is my intent.

Saturday, I began to water my newly planted master piece of a garden (in pots on my deck. LOL). Hey it’s better than nothing! Right off the bat, I ran into a slight snag when I tried to unscrew the spray nozzle from the hose! Well, most of us have seen a crushed hose connector in our lives. It looked like a car tire had run right over the connection. (Gee, I wonder whose car was behind my house?? LOL) The hose and nozzle fittings were crushed so bad they resembled two half-moons kissing!  How was I going to water my garden?

An epiphany hit me like a ho-cake in the face! I thought back to watching my dad water his garden when I was a small whippersnapper. I pulled out my trusty pocket knife and cut that nozzle and metal connectors clean off, just like Perseus severed the head of Medusa!

Ahhh, fresh flowing water out of the hose, what a beautiful site! I had worked up a terrible thirst with all that hydro-engineering I had been working on. Yes! I opened my mouth and took a nice long drink right out of the hose. No plastic bottles going to the land fill from me! The water splashing on my face and running down my chin took me back in time to fond memories. I could see my dad building a picnic table, my mom at the kitchen window and my bulldog Spike waiting for her to turn to drink from the hose. To remember that cherished memory put a smile on my face. All I really can say to you is the truth. Both were the “BEST Drink Ever”! What are your memories drinking from a hose?

Have a Blessed week!