Shut your eyes for a couple of seconds and say Bahamas-Bahamas-Bahamas! It just feels nice rolling off the tongue. Especially today, let warm thoughts of the sun, ocean, Caribbean conch, lobsters, lots of sand, etc., etc., etc., fill your head!! I think all of us Georgian’s deserve a little warm weather after our current record-cold winter. Snow and ice have fallen and more is predicted. Wow, again! Really? Prepared like before the great Atlanta blizz-apocalypse of two weeks ago, the staff and residents of Winnwood will be ready again! Life inside Winnwood’s walls will be thriving as normal with plenty of tasty treats from our 6 chefs and entertainment from our 3 event planners.

The overwhelming obstacles of harsher and harsher weather patterns have jump-started many seniors to accelerate their gathering of information about Winnwood and its services. Don’t forget about me asking you to shut your eyes at the beginning.  It would be very nice if the next white stuff we saw on the ground was pearly white sand between our toes. Also, a little Jimmy Buffet music on the radio! In closing this week, everyone please stay safe. Falls are the number one accident caused by a snow and/or ice storm.  Try to stay indoors, warm and off the roads. Go ahead and call your grandchildren to come spend a couple of nights. You can watch them build snowmen and make snow angels. This week’s experience with your grandchildren in the snow might just be one of everyone’s most memorable moments in the future.

God Bless!