“Back” to the Future

Well, as many of you know I survived my back surgery, and I am ninety-five percent pain free. Dr. D. from Resurgens Orthopedics did a remarkable job replacing my L5 disc. The hospital will always remember my gentle demeanor. LOL. I probably caused several healthcare workers to start taking anxiety medication. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family that came by to encourage me.

As I sit here typing this article, I realize I finally had a real life experience that rendered me to be incapacitated.  I could not move any body part for two days. It humbled me to the realization of what many people face each and every day due to health complications. This validates why helping seniors at Winnwood Retirement and all over Marietta is my mission. It made me think of a very specialized and personalized type of care we currently offer at Winnwood.

If I had been at least 62 years of age, recuperative care at Winnwood would have been just the answer. It is just as I describe it. We provide recuperate care from anything (and I mean anything), until you are ready to return back home. Sometimes it is referred to as transitional care. Not a complex definition, but a type of care very much in demand. Recuperative/Transitional would have been just the solution for a senior in my situation. Five days at Winnwood in a furnished apartment, 24 hour care, good food and smiling faces would bring anybody back into the light. So keep it in the back of your mind and remember if you ever find yourself or a family member “in that tight spot” needing some help or support. Rest assured, Winnwood will be here to find a solution for you.

Thank you Lord for guiding the surgeon’s hands to heal me and others that follow.

Amen. John