A Real Voice!

This may sound like a narrative by the great James Earl Jones (which is the point), that we all know from his deep convincing voice. So just listen to me or Mr. Jones for a minute.  Really people, I am trying to be serious here. Ready? James let-err- rip!! Ok John!  As I pull in to The Winnwood Retirement Community I pass a nice gentleman walking, he sticks his walking stick up in the air like the sweet victory of triumph.   I make my drive into the beautiful property and I pass a nice lady walking her dog. She smiles and waves and the dog keeps walking her!! The vehicle comes to a rest like an iceberg at the end of a grand journey.  My body walks on the newly laid sod where Andy Thurmond the head
grounds men passes me. I say, “may I walk on the grass sir?” Andy politely says “yes you can walk on the grass but take your shoes off first.” I enter this grand beautiful home to be happily greeted by five ladies getting ready to serve the Women’s Breakfast. (I really wish I had his voice!!) Ok people, if Mr. James Earl Jones was here he would say, “How is this that you do a job Mr. Rauls??” Say what? (Yes that would be how he would ask!!)  Mr. Jones, the only way to answer that question, (May I call you James?) is to say Winnwood has developed its own Culture. The Culture of “people first,” was born from a group of residents and staff.  It has been nurtured thru the years and is blossoming and always improving. The residents and staff interact as if close family of several generations living together. (Remember the Walton’s?) Winnwood is not just retirement community but a multi-generational family.  We look after each other! We are family “I say!” Why shouldn’t a place you spend a good portion of your life be as awesome as possible!! That is my philosophy and I think Mr. Jones would say a great big “amen John!”

Have a blessed week!