A Cat Can Fly?

Ok Mariettians’, this is getting serious! The other day at the exact same time I was Googling the State Bird of Georgia (Which I thought was the Brown Thrasher and not the mosquito!) I glanced out the window and saw a kamikaze mosquito in a Japanese Zero, diving in for the kill.  The joker was so big it grasped my cat and snatched the poor fellow up like a Coach purse on Black Friday!!  Point is, all the rain has caused an influx of those little buzzing pests in my neighborhood, and no Dad, I don’t have any old tires in my yard retaining water. That’s your yard!! LOL.

You know I worry about seniors getting bit because of my job here at Winnwood, but let me tell you those skeeters (South Georgia spelling) must have a GPS tracking system on where I am located. I could be standing in a crowd of people and if one little-jr-baby mosquito flies in searching for his first victim, well I guar-on-tee it’s going to be yours truly. And it’s going to be bad, real bad for me. I wonder if they have a mother ship like “Darth Vader” (JD). I could kiss the person that invented Benadryl itch relief spray. If you’re that person that like me gets bit easily you know how I feel!

I would just like to hear the sweet sound of industrial sprayers buzzing on the backs of trucks (like the good ole days), going thru my neighborhood ridding us of those irritating flying needles. I have sweet dreams of a thick fog of chemicals in the air stopping them in their tracks. I guess I would feel better about the residents and staff going outside this year!  Does anyone have any DDT? LOL. Wait a minute, that’s bad too. Wait every chemical is bad. PC gone crazy again! There is probably some whack job group out there protesting on why we should save all the mosquitos!! Well grab the OFF (until it is banned) and head for a cookout!  I know what stock to buy this summer! I will not give up and I will never surrender to them even if I have to watch the 4th of July fireworks from the Marietta Square with a mosquito net on. LOL!!

Have a marvelous week!